IF YOU ARE A PHOTOGRAPHER and would like to do sessions on the farm, you are welcome here at Thompson's! We do not charge for the photographer, just the clients.  Sometimes we are asked, "What defines a photographer?" If you are charging your clients to come to the farm so that you can take photos of them, you're a photographer. If you just have a really awesome camera and are taking photos with it, then you are not a photographer, at least while you are at our farm. 


Message us on Facebook if you have any further questions. There are extended hours available for photo sessions. We just ask that you and your clients enter our farm during our business hours. Then you can stay as long as you need for the perfect photo opportunity!

We ask that you please fill out the form below and hand it to us when you arrive. Handing this form to us upon your arrival will guarantee your free admission. In return for your free admission, we ask that you please tag the farm in your photos!  Just click on the button below to download the form. Print it out, and bring it with you the day of your shoot. If you plan to come to the form more than once, another form will need to be filled out.


IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PHOTOGRAPHER, here is a list of photographers that have held sessions at our farm. We do not offer photography as a service, so if you are interested in having professional pictures taken at our farm, you will need to contact the photographer directly!


  1. Aubrey Carrero @ Aubrey Joy Photography | Click here to book sessions | E-Mail: aubreyjoyphotography8@gmail.com

  2. Britney Newman | E-Mail: britdspeaks@gmail.com | Phone: (662) 769-7939

  3. Taber Lacie @ Taber Lacie Photo | E-Mail: taberlaciephoto@outlook.com | Phone: (414) 975-0530

  4. Chelsea Pough @ C. Danae Photography | E-Mail: cdanaeproductions@gmail.com | Phone: (847) 796-0782

  5. Tara Gehrls @ Tara Gehrlz Photography | E-Mail: taragehrlsphotography@yahoo.com | (847) 529-1722

  6. Briana Habek @ Capture Moments Photography | E-Mail: brianamichelle2001@gmail.com | Phone: (262) 417-6762

  7. Elizabeth Jean @ Elizabeth Jean Photography LLC | E-Mail: lizz.pedersen@gmail.com | (262) 880-5969

  8. Jennifer Rasmussen @ Wolf Pack Images | E-Mail: jen.wolfpackimages@gmail.com | (815) 790-3644

  9. Jocelyn Weiss @ Windows In Time Photography | E-Mail: jocelyn@witphotography.com | (262) 671-8983

  10. Britt Anderson @ Britt Anderson Seniors | E-Mail: britt@brittandersonseniors.com | (262) 308-8118

  11. Willow Rutzen @ Whispering Willow Photography LLC |  E-Mail: w.rutzen@yahoo.com | (262) 374-3504

  12. Carlos @ Carlos M. Photos | E-Mail: carlos@carlosmphotos.com | (773)-791-1803

  13. Tasha @ Tasha's Fairy Good Memories | E-Mail: natassjabusch@gmail.com | (708)-497-0012