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Assistant General Manager

Job description 


Expectations of the position:  


-Flexible work hours


-Every other weekend when the farm is open for customers- When a weekend is worked, the following Monday and Tuesday can be used as the weekend (or other days if wanted).


-During busy times of the year, or because of inclement weather, weekly hours may be altered/extended.

    -i.e. Planting season, frost season, strawberry season, impending rain


-Setting up systems for day to day operations

    -Using Trello app 


-Chemical applications

    -Applying four Fungicide/insecticide applications in the strawberries

    -Applying four fungicide applications in the pumpkins

    -Weed management



    -Ground preparation 

    -Helping to plant strawberries, pumpkins, sunflowers



    -Employee interviews 

    -Hiring employees 

    -Training employees

        -Setting up systems for training 

        -Beginning of season employee orientation meeting

    -Employee discipline 

    -Employee termination

-Customer Service

    -Running a Disney type of customer service and employee training 


-Strawberry, Raspberry, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Playground seasons

    -Setting up a format for employee scheduling  

    -Training employees

    -Getting employees to the correct job site

    -Day to day operations

    -Checking picking conditions

    -Getting customers to the best picking

    -Customer service

-Other jobs

    -Help with the planning of crop rotations and growth of the company

    -Soil and leaf nutrient tests

    -Keeping up farm appearance 


    -Fertilizing twice a week

    -Trellising the raspberries

    -Tractor driving

    -Weed management 

    -Irrigation setup and maintenance 

    -Keeping buildings and grounds well maintained 

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