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    The Thompson family has been growing produce in Kenosha County for over 100 years. For the last 50 years we have been primarily a "Pick-Your-Own" farm specializing in strawberries. The farm started in Somers WI in the 1920’s with an orchard of apples and tart cherries.  Shortly after, strawberries were added into the mix.  In the late 60’s the state condemned the land for the new University of Wisconsin Parkside. 

     In 1969 the farm relocated to Bristol WI and the family decided to focus on strawberries.   At peak production, the farm had 150 acres of strawberries, making it the largest “pick your own” strawberry farm in the nation.   

    Over the years we have downsized our strawberry production, but we have added pick-your-own raspberries, flowers, and pumpkins.


William Thompson

First Generation

William Thompson started the farm in 1920, planting mainly apples and cherries.  William had a wife Laura, and four children, Lucy, Charles, Richard, and Jean.

Charles & Marilyn

Second Generation

Charles grew up on the farm in Somers.  He Served in WWII, and when he came home got his degree in agriculture from UW Madison. He came back to the farm to continue what his father had started.  He was married to Marilyn, and they had four children, Susan, Jeff, Nancy, and Gary.


Jeff & Marcia

Third Generation

Jeff also grew up working in the apple orchard in Somers.  He was also part of the rebuilding process when the farm was moved to Bristol in 1969. He attended short course at UW Madison before coming back to the farm.   He is married to Marcia, and they have three children, Jim, Barry, and Scott.

Scott & Megan

Fourth Generation

Scott, the youngest of the three boys, grew up helping on the farm in Bristol.  He decided that he wanted to keep the tradition alive, so he stayed to slowly take over the business.  He met his wife Megan on the farm when she applied for a summer job.  They have three children, Grayson, Riley, and Quinn.

Thompson Family (Scott, Megan & Kids.JPG
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