Strawberry Season

"The berry best place to be"

Hey! It’s pick- your- own!!
Just $8.00 per 4- qt basket
When you pick six baskets,
only pay for five baskets.
Also, $0.25 off when you re-use your baskets for the next time you stop by!

Monday- Friday: 8am- 7pm
Saturday- Sunday: 8am- 4 pm

Always check Picking Conditions on the home page before coming to the farm!

Please no pets in the field!!

We take cash only!
Please no debit/credit cards


Pre- picked strawberries right at our stands will be $14.00 per 4- qt basket!
It’s always best to come in the early morning to ensure there will be berries available!
Stand is located near farm entrance.

What do you do when you get here?
- You'll be greeted at our entrance and directed where to go
- Baskets are given out at the field to pick and take your berries home in
- Pick all the ripe berries in your row
- Look under the leaves for the bright red berries. Pinch the stem, not the berry. Leave the "cap" on the berry
- Load the baskets in your car, out of direct sunlight
- Baskets are counted and paid for as you drive out
- Come back often and enjoy the best strawberries! You can't get this kind of selection, quality, and freshness in any store!